H.O.D Message

The course of E &TC offered is well known for its applied nature including a strong laboratory component and considerable project work. The diploma represents an excellent combination of basic engineering science, electronics and communication theory and practice, communication skills and engineering management. This course is designed for students who wish to become professional engineers in the fields of electronics and communications engineering. The course focuses on the design, construction and management of communication systems, electronic control systems and instrumentation systems.

We are a team of full-time and well-experienced faculty members and technical supporting staff members. All the laboratories are designed as per AICTE norms and curriculum of M.S.B.T.E... Laboratories are spacious and have state-of-art equipment and software.

We have the tradition of Excellent Results in the M.S.B.T.E Examinations. We encourage participation of students in various co- curricular and extra- curricular activities. Our students have bagged several prizes in different technical seminars; paper presentations, project competitions at prestigious venues, as well as in prestigious cultural events and many sports events Students forums like ESSA (Electronics Students Association).

About Department

The department runs Value Addition Programmes for students on various advanced topics useful from the industry placement point of view. We are committed to produce not only good engineers but good human beings also.

Short Term Goals:

  • To achieve best results i.e Our E & T.C Department results should be at the top level.
  • To strengthen departmental Library.
  • To start pre-compliance testing and R&D activities in our department.
  • To promote staff members for higher studies.
  • To improve continuously quality of teaching by assimilating knowledge of upcoming technology & new areas.

Long Term Goals:

  • Out sourcing of competent Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers.
  • To develop the institute in focused areas like Telecommunication, Information Technology & Non conventional Energy Resources.