H.O.D Message

Computer Engineering prepares a student to handle the Hardware as well as the Software in a computer, with more emphasis on Hardware.

In the first year, basic concept of Engineering, Applied Science subject, Introduction to Computer etc. are covered. The first year syllabus for Information Technology and Computer Engineering is the same.

In the second year, the emphasis is given on Hardware subject impairing knowledge of Microprocessor and Interfacing of Computer to Peripherals. The knowledge of Fundamentals of Networking, Management of Database, Software Programming etc.is covered here.

In third year, the stress is on application of latest technology in PC assembly, Knowledge of Software Engineering, Network Troubleshooting, Advance Networking Concept and Concept of Operating System with fundamental of UNIX. In addition to this, Organization of Computers, Advanced Microprocessor and Software programming like Java are also covered.

Project work is undertaken to enhance a student's creativity, confidence level and entrepreneurship skills.

About Department

Department Vision

To implement the Qualities of Dedication, Devotion and Perseverance for our students and help them to persue their goals .

Department Mission

Provide practical oriented education to solve real world problems by conducting various short term courses and visiting small scale to large scale industries for achieving lifelong high quality careers.

Department Goals

  • To achieve 100% result of students.
  • Help student to develop problem-solving skills, especially those required to analyze, design and implement solutions involving the use of a computer
  • Provide a background in modern computing systems and the theoretical aspects of computer science
  • Prepare students for continued learning in a rapidly changing discipline
  • To bridge the gap between the academics and industrial requirements