H.O.D Message

Civil engineering has played a critical role in increasing the health and quality of life.

From developing better water supplies, municipal sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants to thedesign of buildings to protect us from natural hazards and provide health care, to improved agriculture through water resource development and distribution projects to rapid and dramatic changes intransportation systems, civil engineers have developed the basic infrastructure on which modern societydepends.

Civil engineers were the first engineers and continue to be dedicated to technology development for the common good and the general public.

About Department


  • To make students strong pillars who will create infrastructures which will become symbols of merit .
  • To impart knowledge and excellence in civil engineering and technology with global perspectives to our students and to make them ethically strong engineers to build our nation.


  • To educate the students to transform them as professionally competent and quality conscious engineers byproviding conducive environment for teaching, learning, and overall personality development, culminating the department into an international seat of excellence.
  • To develop the departments into the centre of excellence.
  • To implement Effective & efficient Teaching–Learning practices.